Tips on Getting Noticed and Remembered at Trade Shows and Craft Events

By | June 1, 2017

No one wants to lose a customer because they’re too busy working their booth at the trade show. Being accessible to everyone is key to the development of lifetime customers. Everyone wants someone to explain their product, or service, in order to know how to buy it or to take more information back home with them. Digital displays are fast becoming popular with people whose minds are on many things at once. This is how the marketplace is today; filled with people who do two or more things at once, called multi-tasking.

Craft events call out to everyone, and obtaining a customer is the reason for the event in the first place. All personnel should wear shirts or hats that fully let passersby know in which booth they’re working. Holding a person’s attention long enough to give them something to take along with them is very important. Having staff members who start up conversations to find out what need that person wants to fill is equally important. Everyone should know how far each booth extends so that one company isn’t infringing upon another company by mistake.

Marquees and banners are great to put up because they ensure that people looking for a product or service know exactly where to find it. Lanyards are wonderful for keeping keys, and name tags secure. They also let people know which booth associates are from, which gives them a sense of security that they’re dealing with a company they trust. Who doesn’t want to leave an event with something free in their event bag? Everyone likes to go home and give jar openers to a family member who can’t open jars.

After arriving home again it’s fun to count the pens, bag clips, sunglasses, and shakers attendees received. Each one has the name of an organization that might be forgotten if not for the giveaway. If the fair was a health fair, those attending most likely were able to have a bone density test, or received a flu shot from a nearby big name drug store, or calendars and datebooks from large organizations were given out that help people every day. Knowing how to reach them from the telephone number on the giveaway may be very important to people who will eventually need them.